Big Game Hunting with Pine Ridge Lodge

Hello, and welcome to the web site of Pine Ridge Lodge and Wilderness Tours Limited, your window into Big Game Hunting Adventures in the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador. We truly appreciate not only your interest in hunting, but also your interest in hunting with us at our various hunting locations. We operate four fixed hunting camps, and a number of spike-camps most of which are accessible only by float-plane or helicopter, while only two are accessible by an ATV road.

We hunt with and guide hunters from around the world who are in search of big game hunting adventures in an unspoiled land where "Fair Chase" hunting is both a core value and a responsibility. We have grown up as members of hunting families and we are hunters. We believe there is no other outdoor pursuit that offers the range of rewards available from hunting, and few other pursuits that generates the life long friendships and camaraderie as does hunting. Our passion is hunting, and we invite you to come with us.

Big game hunting opportunities at our various hunting locations are provided through facilities strategically located amidst confirmed healthy game populations. Our hunting lodges are located on large water systems and are equipped with safe boats to ensure access to the largest possible hunting areas. In addition, when your trophy animal has been harvested, it will be removed from the kill site using 8 wheeled ATV's to ensure prime quality table fare and trophy, and to minimize the physical exertion required.

Moose hunting, caribou hunting, and black bear hunting can be done as a single species hunt, or as a combination of any two or all three species. Rifle hunting, bow hunting, or muzzle-loader hunting is possible. Hunting packages of both 6 days and 12 days are available. As well, coyote hunting is complementary to all big game hunts offered at all our hunting locations.

Please note that we can arrange on your behalf an assortment of hunting support services including taxidermy, game butchering, cold storage, packaging, and shipping.

We thank you, and encourage you to browse through our web site. It contains much information that you may need, and will find helpful in planning your hunt. If there is anything lacking, please feel free to contact us. We always look forward to helping hunters work through the many considerations of hunting in a new land. Contact us by e-mail at: or by phone at 1-877-406-1055 or 709-782-0979 or on my Cell phone at 1-709-427-0935.